Tina Strain ( Smells Great , Looks Great , Taste Good) NEW


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Tina Marijuana Strain

 Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC:   25%

Tina is an indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through crossing the classic Starbud with another unknown indica-heavy strain. Even with the lack of information about its heritage, Tina is highly sought after for its well-rounded high that has you flying before you drop off into a deep and peaceful sleep. It starts with a lifted effect, filling your mind with a rushing sense of euphoric energy that infuses you with motivation and focus galore. This quickly turns sedative, leaving you fading away in both mind and body into a deeply relaxing and sleepy state before you finally fall into a deep and peaceful sleep that lasts for hours and hours on end. Thanks to these effects and its high 23-25% average THC level, Tina is often said to be perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, muscle spasms or cramps and depression. This bud has a super spicy chocolate flavor with a rich coffee exhale. The aroma is of pungent earth and spicy coffee with a hint of chocolate and dank herbs. Tina buds have dense rounded olive green nugs with purple undertones, bright orange hairs and a coating of sticky white crystal trichomes.


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